Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner
The Dolphin Nautilus Plus Automatic Pool Solution is definitely a sophisticated, Easy To-utilize automatic pool solution that's made to filter, machine and wash in-floor residential pools as high as 50 ft. long.
Maytronics has released two variations of the specific automatic poolcleaner – the Dolphin Nautilus Plus and also The Dolphin Nautilus. Both versions have functions that are nearly comparable with just a couple variations between your two. The primary point-of distinction is based on the cycle-time. The Plus includes a smaller cycle-time of 2.5 hours when compared with 3 hours of the Nautilus.

Features In A Glance

• Has A wire that is 60-feet long

• Turning-system retains the electrical wire tangle-free

• Plug-and- play with operation no installation needed

• Washes in-floor pools of up to some period of 50 foot and any form

• with the Capacity Of cleaning pool areas

• Clears pool cove floor and surfaces as much as the waterline

• Suction price is 4,233 woman (USA) each hour

• Simple To clean

• Home-designed for swimming checking that is optimum

• Doesn't have to be attached to perhaps a booster pump or the pool pump filter program

• Traps dust and dirt using capsule filters

• Comb program helps wash the share area to hinder the development of microorganisms and algae.

It is consider as a one of the Best Pool Cleaners.


IntelliScan engineering powers the point. Once the solution is immersed in water, the engineering does its filter needs in order in addition to a fast evaluation of one's pool’s general measurements to clear it as effectively as you can. It's a suction price of 4.

This Dolphin solution works on filter and its own inner push system. It generally does not require swimming filter and the pool push to function.

This pool cleaner was created to clear the surfaces right as much as the waterline. It activates itself up the wall using its nose within the surfaces cleaning up after which dates back right down to the ground area. If a angle is where the ground and wall fulfill nevertheless, although it has the capacity to rise up the attributes very easily once the swimming ground and surfaces get together in a bent position, it will battle.

When the filter is filthy, the solution will even find it difficult to rise the surfaces.

The Nautilus doesn't possess a fast-strain program and certainly will be very large after it's completed its cleansing period to get of the water. The dust gathered within the filters and the general fat add together. Unlike a number of other pool products, you CAn't make use of the wire to draw it from the swimming. To remove it of the swimming, draw the ability wire carefully in your direction. You've to achieve along when it's near to the area, get the handgrips on existence and both factors it from the water. So it's something which you have to bear in mind not everybody may do this quickly.

Features you’ll Love:

Sophisticated purification: it generally does not use filter bags. Alternatively it's two unique tubes to good dirt and split up rough, which assures comprehensive purification. The rough filter tube includes a mesh display that filters out larger-sized contaminants as the good purification tube runs on the pleated cotton filter to retain dirt and smaller-sized dirt out.

Simple to clear filters: The are fast and simple wash to get rid of and substitute.

Extended, tangle- wire that is free: The 60-foot power-cable allows you play’ and to ‘plug even although you possess a bigger-sized swimming. The system that is turning stops the wire from coiling and rotating, which may be an enormous reduction, particularly with longer wires similar to this.

Uses Simple-Fix engineering that is modular: This implies all add-ons substitutes and are simple to deploy also and standard so that they are no problem finding. You certainly can do substitutes and many repairs oneself with no need to call-in an expert.


• Tangle-free 60-foot cable

• Advanced filtration

• Clears the pool silently

• Filters are easy clear to eliminate and substitute

• with the Capacity Of washing the surfaces till the waterline and hiking up

• Substitutes are common and standard


• could be a little troublesome to get rid of in the swimming due to the heavier-weight of dirt and the water

• Can’t clear the surfaces of pools which have ground that is pointed -wall perspectives

• Bigger-sized leaves occasionally trigger an obstruction and get caught within the machine intakes

What others say

Many customers are pleased with their purchase. A few of the functions that users' majority are especially satisfied about would be the cable length - wire that is free, function that is quiet and filters that are readily available.

The thing many customers have a problem with is eliminating from the water. With no fast-strain program, the unit nevertheless includes a considerable quantity of water while eliminating it out the swimming, which contributes to its overall fat. It takes a reasonable quantity of power to obtain it from the water.

Is it for you personally?

The Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner is a superb option for anybody who not mind spending a somewhat greater cost to get an automatic pool solution with sophisticated engineering. The function that is quiet means you are able to hold off the poolside and relax as the Nautilus gets with its 60-foot wire you won’t actually have to alter plug factors for this to wash the entire swimming and everything washed for you really to utilize. It will an excellent work of washing, cleaning and cleaning ground and the surfaces thus when the system finishes without fretting about whether the swimming is clear enough its period you are able to simply jump in.

An email of warning although – you might just wish to think about the Dolphin Nautilus in case your swimming includes a steady bend as its operating is seriously limited when the swimming ground and surfaces match at sharp sides where the surfaces meet up with the ground area.
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